Important Information

Please read before committing to a retreat:


- Working with yajé is emotionally challenging. It can bring up all sorts of traumas, patterns, and fears to be released. People can get frustrated, overly sensitive, and annoyed - but this is part of the process. Please remember that what you see in others is a reflection of yourself and to be compassionate to yourself and everyone else. 


- Be prepared for the discomforts of the jungle. There are bugs. Luckily not so many mosquitos, but there are gnats, no-see-ums, biting ants, and some pesky little flies. It is best to cover up or use 40% DEET if you are sensitive to bug bites. 


- It is hot, but we have a nice creek to bathe and cool off in. The Tuike We'e (traditional house) is a great place to hang out during the hottest part of the day. 


- You are staying with the family. There can be a lot of noise and activity. This is communal living with chickens, dogs, kids, other family members stopping by and whatever other surprises the jungle has to offer.


- As for the ceremony, there are a few "rules" one must follow. On the day of the ceremony, we fast. During the ceremony, everyone is in their own hammock. If you can't be in a hammock please contact us beforehand so we can make other arrangements. 


- In the morning after a ceremony, we are not allowed to leave the lodge until the elders are ready to leave. We always have some tea, juice, and fruit around 8 am. Then continue to hang around until everyone feels grounded and comfortable to go back to the house. It is always best to stay at the lodge if you are still feeling the yajé.


- Don't miss your international or domestic flights! We will not come to get you and it is extremely difficult to communicate as there are barely any spots for phone signals (yet).

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Eugene, OR 97405

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