Our Mission

The mission is to preserve the wisdom and the environment that gave birth to the Secoya and their traditions.


We want to preserve the rain forest for future generations of people, animals, and all forms of life alike; its healing purposes, and as a meeting point to co-create, share knowledge and practice new ways of living within the natural world in communion.


Within the community, we mostly work to maintain the mega diversity of the gardens and forest by sharing the uses of the plants and transmitting their knowledge alongside other traditional practices (handcrafts, sustainable building, permaculture, cooking, etc).


Our intention is that all visitors carry these ideas and insights home with them to bring more "light" to their communities so we can make a global change.


We want to work as a net, where all people involved have access to knowledge. By doing so, we create transparency and peace.

This project started from all the beautiful, powerful, and healing experiences the Secoya shared with visitors over the last decade.


Thanks to these experiences, some of the elders and their families realized that their knowledge, wisdom and natural heritage have value and began working to keep it alive.

With these families, we are working to set an example and encourage others to maintain their traditional and harmonious ways of life.

2852 Willamette st #165

Eugene, OR 97405


2019 created by James for Apoya Palm Center