Apoya Palm Center    Packing List

Below is a list of things you will want to have with you for our adventure down in Ecuador.

Some things that we will have for everyone to use are foam sleeping pads, hammocks, blankets, and mosquito nets.


Necessary items:


- Travelers Insurance (www.worldnomads.com)

- Towel (quick dry is best)

- Swimsuit

- Travel pillow

- 1L water bottle

- Electrolyte packets

- Biodegradable soap

- Sunscreen

- Sun hat

- Sunglasses           

- Hiking shoes

- Sandals

- Mosquito repellent (10-40% DEET or picaridin)

- Summer clothes with at least 4-5 changes of underwear and 3 pairs of socks

- One pair of lightweight pants and a long sleeve shirt

- At least one layer for the highlands (hoodie, pants, etc)

- Headlamp (w/ red light setting)

- Cheap rain poncho

Suggested items:

- Camera

- Rubber boots

- Musical instruments

- Hammock mosquito net

- Snacks

Gift ideas:

- Organic American Spirit pouches (w/ extra rolling papers)

- Organic coconut oil

- Extra headlamps (w/ red light setting)

- Inflatable solar lamps  

- Beads, jewelry making supplies 

- Art supplies, coloring books, play-doh

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2019 created by James for Apoya Palm Center