Over the last year, we were able to start and finish some amazing projects on our land.


  • We built a new traditional community lodge, a Tuike We'e, which is the only one of its kind in Ecuador. It was a huge project that took over six months to complete. 95% of all materials were gathered in the jungle, all of which were harvested by hand and carried on the backs and shoulders. With this building completed, they are now able to cook their foods in a traditional way. The Tuike We'e will also be used as a school, bringing in locals to reestablish the traditional practices: weaving, basket making, making yuca bread, Paicoca classes, English classes, etc.

  • We were able to extend and repair the Yajé We'e (ceremonial lodge). Doing this has provided more space so we can host more people.

  • We began work on a new kitchen, in which most of the supplies are harvested from the jungle.

Next Projects:


  • Finish the kitchen and start production on medicinal plant products and preserved foods. It will be used for our community to create all-natural products to be sold in Quito, to guests, and to hopefully create a network outside of Ecuador.


  • Obtain a Tesla Powerwall so we can have better solar power.  In doing so, we plan to create the first solar-powered canoe in the area. With this canoe, we can shuttle people up and down the river and lower our dependence on petrol.

  • We also want to build a new Yajé Wë'e.  It will be built in the traditional way using wood and palm leaves from the jungle. It is so nice to be able to hold a ceremony in a traditional lodge with a palm leaf roof. It keeps everything cooler, and when it rains it is so quiet you can still hear the elders sing and the sounds of the jungle.

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