Yajé is a strong visionary brew made from two different plants, Yajé vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and Yagé Oco leaf (Diplopterys cabrerana). Sometimes added to this is a Secoya-variety pygmy vine called Waiyajé. All of the plants are grown in the elders gardens from plants that have been relocated from the wild and/or passed down from those before them.

When all these plants are cooked together under strict guidelines and in a sacred manner they can open a person up. This opening can reveal itself in many different ways, including being shown the different realms and realities that exist outside of our own, reliving past trauma, seeing ourselves more completely, and much more.

In scientific terms, the leaf of the Yajé Oco contains the psychoactive alkaloids N,N-DMT. By themselves, they are not orally active because it is metabolized by the stomach enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO). However, certain chemicals within the Yajé vine, namely beta-carboline, contain MAO inhibitors (MAOI’s) in the form of harmala alkaloids. These alkaloids allow our body to shut off the enzyme that metabolizes the DMT, which in turn allows the medicine to become active for much longer.

Tara Yajé

Banisteriopsis caapi

The variety of Yajé used by the Secoya.

Cultivated in the elders' gardens.


Pygmy Banisteriopsis variety, a small amount of the vine is pounded and added to each brew.

Yajé Oco

Diplopterys cabrerana

Admixture leaf containing N,N-DMT.

They also contain methyltryptamine and trace amounts of bufotenin.

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