Our Retreats

The retreats we offer are focused on going deep within yourself. We accomplish this by offering early morning sunrise renewal ceremonies to cleanse the body and clear the mind, followed by multiple Yajé ceremonies. Time spent in the jungle with the family will put you into a different rhythm. Sharing traditional foods, walks into the jungle, relaxing by the river, and long talks with your new friends are all part of the process. By letting go into the experience you will learn invaluable tools to take home with you.


We keep our groups small with a maximum of 10-12 people. By doing this we make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve. This also makes it easier for everyone to connect with each other, building strong relationships that can continue beyond the jungle.

We offer a few different formats depending on what you are seeking.


The first format is our deep immersion, which includes 2 sunrise renewals and 3 proper Yajé ceremonies over 10 days. This can be quite intense and will without a doubt have a profound impact.


The second is a bit more relaxed, as it will start out with 2 sunrise renewals, then we’ll head to Cuyabeno National Park for two nights to explore, fish, harvest incense and relax. Afterwards, we’ll come back for two more proper Yajé ceremonies. This retreat is also 10 days long.

We are also open to creating a retreat specifically for your group. We can add in other purgative renewals that help with the liver, gallbladder, or lungs. We can do more or fewer ceremonies, etc.


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Upcoming Events

Sun, Feb 14
Apoya Palm Center
Winter 2021 gatherings
February 2021 we will be offering a 10 day deep medicine immersion at our Maestros house
Thu, Sep 02
Andes to the jungle and back
Join us on a unique experience. Starting in the highlands of the Andes for 8 days then journey down to the jungle for 8 days with our Beloved Secoya elders

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